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Planting Services

Yukon Gardens Planters

Custom Home or Residential Planters

Save the mess, have full lush pots!

Bring your own planters or purchase a new one from the garden centre. We will work with you to design pots perfect for your yard. We will choose high quality plants and use our planter soil mix to fill your pots. We will arrange the plants in a custom design or work with you to create the planter of your dreams.

Drop off your planters  in early spring and pick them up in May. We let your plants grow in our heated greenhouse. We will love and care for them until they a full and lush. Our nutrient rich soil and high quality fertilizers will have your planters flourishing by the end of May! 



Yukon Gardens Tree or Shrub Planting

Need something larger planted? We do that too! Pick out your trees or shrubs from our large selection in our nursery and we will plant them in your yard. We will bring all the dirt, tools and fertilizers and do the hard work for you. We dig the holes and will haul away the mess, leaving you with a fresh new yard!